Demo - integrating API google maps into fancybox

based on a question posted on fancybox forum
for this demo we use as the original thread:

click here to see the map graciously centered

the problem: The map loads in the iframe mode, but there is a problem with the position of the map (see site and select "map")
the workaround: We open a fancybox in AJAX mode; the opened box calls the API html file within an iframe.  It solves the reported center bug.

two files:

  1. index_map.html (this file) - opens fancybox
  2. mapframe.txt - the html iframe: calls API map from pensionmaria

NOTE: No hacks and no lat/long modifications required
The solution works equally fine using the last version of fancybox
Works fine in Firefox 3.x, Opera 9.6, Safari 4 for Windows beta, Chrome 1.x and IE6 and IE7 (no tested in IE8 yet)